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New Lab Research Paper! - Ranavirus Genetics

After several years of intense research, our paper on ranavirus genetics has been published in a FACETS special issue entitled “Ranavirus research: 10 years of global collaboration” edited by Dr. David Lesbarreres and Dr. Ellen Ariel.

This research was student led and I would like to congratulate all of the undergraduate researchers who are authors on this paper!

The paper citation is as follows:

Ballard, D.R., Davis, A.J., Fuller, R.B., Garner, A.R., Mileham, A.D., Serna, J.D., Brue, D.E., Harding, C.M., Dodgen, C.D., Culpepper, W., Piatt, B., Rosario, S.E., and A.L.J. Duffus. 2020. An examination of the core Iridovirus genes for reconstruction Ranavirus phylogenetics. FACETS, Ranavirus Research: 10 years of global collaborations.

The paper can be read or downloaded at:

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