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Spring 2024:

BIOL 1108 - Principles of Biology 2 (IN PERSON)
BIOL 2295 - Undergraduate Research in Biology
BIOL 4750 - Principles of Virology (IN PERSON)

BIOL 4905 - Undergraduate Research in Biology

Summer 2024:

BIOL 4900 - Special Topics - Animal Behavior (ONLINE)

The syllabi and other associated course information can be found on Bright Space by Desire2Learn

Please note that BIOL 2295 and BIOL 4905 are limited enrollment courses.
The courses for Spring 2024 are both currently full.

Please note that current research students have the option to continue their research the next semester, therefore, new spaces may not be available in up coming semesters.

Contact Dr. Duffus via email for more information. 

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