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Health of Herpetofaunal Communities Research Group

With new directions and new projects comes a new lab name!

We are now to be known as the Health of Herpetofaunal Communities Research Group and we have a snazzy new logo to go with this!

While we will still work on ranaviruses, our work has expanded to take on new projects and embrace new taxa, in some cases looking at whole communities!

Our main project on campus will examine the presence of emerging infections in the aquatic turtles of the GSC pond.

Dr. Duffus is involved in several great collaborations with Dr. Walt Meshaka Jr., Dr. Danny Hughes, Steve Allain, Dr. Andrea Kautz and Dr. John Wenzel at the Powdermill Nature Preserve.

Dr. Duffus is very excited about all of the projects that she is involved in and is always open to new collaborations, so please feel free to contact her via email if you have something in mind!

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