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GAS - 2018

Last weekend, we found ourselves in Carrollton at the University of West Georgia for the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Sciences.

In all, 5 students presented 4 posters at the session on Friday night. All of the posters were on some aspect of Ranavirus genetics. Their abstracts can be found here:

In all, the students did a wonderful job representing Gordon State College and the Amphibian Disease and Ecology group!

Amanda Mileham, presenting her work on the deoxynucleoside kinase gene as a potential gene for reconstructing Ranavirus phylogenies.

Here are Justin Serna and Ami Jo Davis presenting their work on the eIF2-α homologue and a putative tyrosine kinase protein as potential genes for reconstructing Ranavirus phylogenies.

Here is Riley Fuller presenting her work on one of the two myristilated membrane protein genes as a proxy for phylogenetic reconstruction in ranaviruses.

Here is Leigha Henson presenting her work examining the utility of partial sequences for detecting recombination in emerging Ranavirus isolates from the UK.

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